Can you really use genetic testing to help guide exercise and training?

Yes. KDx has spent a lot of time reviewing research and talking to experts to understand what genes and genetic variants can be used to make informed choices about how to approach training and exercise. We include genetic variants that have been found in large studies that were replicated to be associated with traits of interest to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Understanding your genetics will help you and your trainers know how you are pre-programmed for muscle strength, processing energy and nutrition, and if you have any pre-disposition for certain types of soft tissue injury. 


Will genetic testing tell me if I, or my child, can be an elite athlete?

No. Passion and opportunity are more important factors than genetics. If you love it, do it. Genetic testing can help you tailor training to make the most of your natural abilities, but it won't predict if you or your child will get a scholarship or become a professional athlete. 


If I find out that I have a genetic variant linked to Achilles tendon disease, does that mean I will get it?

No. People who carry a genetic variant linked to an increased risk of a sports related injury have only a slightly higher risk than the general population, usually less than 5%.  We recommend this test, however, because athletes and fitness enthusiasts that are training hard have more exposure, and may want to tailor training to strengthen at risk anatomy. 


What genes and biomarkers do you test?

Our tests are described in detail in the store and on our science page. To learn more please visit the store or click the science button below.