KDx Genetic Profile

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KDx Genetic Profile


This panel examines 56 genetic variations that are associated with athlete performance type and soft tissue injury pre-disposition. It can inform how you: 

  • Develop muscle strength and respond to strength training
  • Metabolize fats, sugars, carbohydrates, vitamins and other nutrient
  • Maintain weight
  • Maintain bone strength
  • Are programmed for heart and lung function
  • Are at higher risk for sports related soft tissue, tendon and ligament injuries

Information about the process and a sample report can be found here. 

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This test is not available in New York. In New Jersey, you will only be charged the KDx fee, and you will pay the lab directly by credit card when you send in your sample. In Maryland this test is offered through Metro Orthopedic & Sports Therapy (M.O.S.T.) and you must have a coupon code from M.O.S.T to order. You can learn more by calling us at 888-722-7053 or emailing info@kineticdx.com.  


You must be 18 or older to order. Test requests for those under 18 years old requires a recommendation by a physician or other sports health professional first and require parental consent. You can learn more by calling 1-888-722-7053 or emailing info@kineticdx.com.  

If you don't have a coupon code from your physician, your test request will be ordered by an independent physician. Genetic counselors are available if you have questions. You will receive a hard copy report through secure email 6-8 weeks after you submit your sample.  The pricing components of this test are $130 for the lab cost, and $170 for KDx fees. 

KDx Genetic Profile CONSENT

About the Test

The KDx Genetic Profile is a genetic test that identifies 64 common variations in your genes that are strongly linked to understand how your body:

·       Develops muscle strength and responds to strength training

·       Metabolizes fats, sugars, carbohydrates, vitamins and other nutrients

·       Maintains weight

·       Maintains bone strength

·       Is programmed for heart and lung function

·       Is at higher risk for sports related soft tissue, tendon and ligament injuries

This test does not predict athletic ability. This test may provide information about potential endurance, which may be considered in choosing a sport or field position, but athletic ability, as well as sport choice, is most strongly influenced by passion, opportunity, and support from family, friends and the community. This test does give information about susceptibility to injury, but genes are not destiny.  Sports related injuries are influenced not only by genes, but by other factors such as athlete preparedness, field conditions, and sport related player/player contact (tackles).  The goal of this test is to help inform athletes about training regimens to consider that have been found to lower the rate of injury, but this alone does not eliminate the risk of injury. Results take 6 weeks to complete.

The Testing Process

A professional working with you may have recommended this test, or you may have requested it. Regardless, an independent physician will order the test on your behalf. You will receive a cheek swab collection kit in the mail, a total of 2 swabs. Just rub the swabs against the inside of your cheek, with about the same pressure as brushing your teeth, and follow the directions on the kit. Mail the kit back to the lab. About 5% of the time there isn’t enough DNA on the swab and you will need to submit a new one. You can reduce the chance that this could happen by following the collection instructions carefully.

The lab runs a test that looks at over 750,000 variations in your genes at once.  The lab provides KDx with a data file that is reviewed and signed off on by their medical director and is considered their final lab report. KDx selects 56 variants from this list that are strongly associated with important traits sports and fitness enthusiasts should know about. We use publically available information from the literature to create an educational document. All the information has been reviewed and approved by clinical sports and genetics experts. We do not provide any other type of information from this data, even if it is possible to know about it. For example, some of the genetic variations in this test could have an association with age related eye disease, cardiovascular disease, or other chronic health conditions. This information is not provided. The remainder of the data beyond the 56 variants is not reviewed or reported, but is kept in a secure and private account for future review, should you request it.  If you want additional information about your genes, you can discuss alternative information with a genetic counselor. You can email us at info@kineticdx.com to learn about how to find a genetic counselor and how to get additional information out of your genetic panel. We will provide you with a copy of your data file upon request. In the future, KDx may offer you options to learn additional information from your DNA.

Test Results

Results take about 6 weeks to come back. When the results are available from the lab, KDx will send you an email with a secure token to review your results.  You can print them out if you desire. Your recommendations may include suggestions for specific training programs. Your report will provide you with instructions on how to access training programs.

This test can identify the specific variants of interest with ~99% accuracy. Rarely there can be a mis-call or a lab error.  Laboratory errors are very rare, but labs occasionally make mistakes like losing a sample or accidentally mixing up the sample labels. Automation and bar coding are now common in labs, making mistakes highly unlikely.

The lab will keep any leftover DNA for up to 60 days in case repeat testing is needed. They may take your name and other identifiers off your sample and use the DNA as part of internal quality assurance testing. If you don’t want your sample used in this way, you can let us know and KDx will tell the lab to discard the sample. If you don’t want us to keep the data after 60 days for future educational interpretation, let us know and we will delete the data after your report on 56 variants is created.

Genetic Testing for Minors

Genetic testing for those under age 18 should be considered carefully.  Several professional clinical genetics organizations have recommended that genetic testing should be performed on those under age 18 only when there is a clear benefit to the child.  Alternatives to this test include a pre-sport physical exam with a sports medicine expert who can do a specific sports motion evaluation, and a detailed review of the family history.  Certain overuse injuries seem to run in families.  KDx only provides testing to minors when requested by an independent sports or medical professional and consent is provided by the child and parents/guardians.

Pros and Cons of Testing.

These test results can help you make lifestyle choices for exercise and nutrition that you might not have otherwise considered, or could have only been determined through trial and error, or a physical exam with a sports medicine specialist.  This test is not covered by insurance. The genes and variants included in the test have been reviewed carefully by specialists for good scientific evidence, but this area of genetics is new and the meaning of the information could change over time. Genetic test results can sometimes be surprising and you might have an emotional reaction that you didn’t expect. Test results impact biological family members because you share your genes with them. Your test results will give them a glimpse of what their genes might have, too. If you choose to discuss the result with your family, don’t be surprised if not everyone feels the same way about the test that you do. Be considerate that some family may want to talk, or not talk, about testing in a way different than what you had hoped.

Alternatives to Testing

Alternatives to this test include a pre-sport physical exam with a sports medicine expert who can do a specific sports motion evaluation, and a detailed review of the family history.  Certain overuse injuries seem to run in families and may be associated with joint laxity.  Working with a sports training expert who can test you for performance type is another way to determine if your muscles are programmed for endurance or power.Genetic counseling is available for you and family members in the KDx network or by contacting the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) at www.nsgc.org. KDx will answer simple questions about the test and the testing process at no cost, but in depth genetic counseling is provided by independent genetic counselors. Their fees may vary. 


 This test is not covered by insurance.

Privacy, Data Security and Anti-discrimination Laws                                                                                                            

All test results are confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than your physician/professional who authorized the test, and the parents of minors. You can choose to share, or not share, with your other healthcare providers and sports professionals.  If multiple family members are being tested at once with the intent of comparing their genes, genetic information within that family may be shared or implied as part of the analysis. If appropriate, discuss with your doctor and genetic counselor how family reporting will work for your situation.

KDx employs the best practices in data security and is HIPAA compliant. In todays world, however, we have seen that even some of the most secure entities have been compromised so we cannot completely guarantee your privacy. In addition to following the medical privacy guidelines, we never store your payment information, and your personal information is kept separate from your result data, linked only by a unique identifier and behind separate firewalls with different authentication required, to minimize any risk.

 The Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) is a federal law that protects genetic information, including family history. GINA prevents employers (including professional sports teams) and health insurance companies from using your genetic information to determine employment decisions, or to impact health insurance coverage or premiums. GINA does not apply to life or disability insurance or the military.  GINA does not address other potential forms of discrimination related to sports and fitness, such as sports scholarships or signing with sports agents. 

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