Kinetic Diagnostics has partnered with M.O.S.T. to bring you the latest tools to help improve your performance. We are excited to tell you about a genetic profile test called the KDx Genetic Profile. The KDx test is designed to help you to optimize your training and maximize your performance.

The goal of the partnership is for Kinetic Diagnostics and M.O.S.T. to work together to fine tune your current program and make adjustments that are personalized for your own body.

How It Works:

  • The test examines 56 genetic variations tied to athletic performance & injury pre-disposition
  • Provides an overview of your body’s unique attributes for muscles, bones, and energy metabolism
  • Analyzes your unique nutritional needs
  • Enables M.O.S.T. to develop a clinically proven training and/or nutritional plan just for you

It’s easy to get started. Click the link below to purchase the test. Use coupon code MOST20 to indicate you are part of M.O.S.T. and to receive 20% off of your order. Enter the coupon code when you reach the order summary screen.

Once you get your results, schedule a virtual visit using our mobile app or come in for an appointment to review the details with our Sports Performance Group. Call Kinetic Diagnostics at (888) 722-7053 or email with any questions or to talk to a genetic counselor.